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I'm an experienced digital artist and streamer who specialises in creating stream graphics, branding, merchandise and personal art commissions. 

Since 2018 I have served over 1000 clients ranging from streamers to game developers to Adidas.

I have created 4000+ twitch emotes and a large variety of art and design services, including but not limited to:

  • Emotes and animated emotes for Twitch, Discord, Youtube and Facebook

  • Twitch sub badges, bit badges and cheermotes

  • Illustrated avatars, profile pictures, PNGTuber Assets, character designs, fan art and merchandise designs

  • Logos and Branding

  • Stream overlays, screens and panels, Youtube thumbnails and intros

  • Animation & Motion Graphics

Please use the links below to check out examples of my work. If you would like to request a commission or ask me any questions, please use the form on the Commissions page, contact me on Twitter, or send me an email!

Looking for cheaper options for Twitch Emotes?

Check out my Patreon!

  • A new themed bundle of 5-10 emotes each month - sometimes including animated emotes. (Example bundles shown below)

  • Each bundle is available for one month only at the exclusive Patreon price*

  • Patrons can vote/request upcoming themes!

  • ONLY $10 per month!

*Expired bundles are added to my Gumroad Pay to Use store along with other premade emote bundles

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