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(aside from a short bald lad from Leeds!)

Hello! I'm a full time Digital Artist and Designer creating bold, colourful illustrations for original designs, fan art and commissions.

Since 2018 I have specialised in creating emotes, branding, illustrations, and animations for over a thousand clients all over the world, from streamers and content creators to brands such as Adidas.

With over 4000 emotes created, I have great experience in bringing ideas to life as iconic, expressive emotes which are perfect for Twitch, Discord and other platforms.

I'm also into my 4th year running a Patreon where I create and provide a new bundle of 5-10 emotes each month, for an exclusive price of $10.



Emotes, DnD Characters, Gaming & Original Characters, Avatars, PNGTubers, Environments, Family / Pet Portraits.


Logos and Branding, ​Stream Graphics, Overlays, Screens, Panels, Thumbnails.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Stream Screens, Intros, Alerts, Popups, Stingers.

Print/Merchandise Designs

Use the links below to see examples of my work!

Looking for cheaper options for Twitch Emotes?

Check out my Patreon!

  • A new themed bundle of 5-10 emotes each month - sometimes including animated emotes. (Example bundles shown below)

  • Each bundle is available for one month only at the exclusive Patreon price*

  • Patrons can vote/request upcoming themes!

  • ONLY $10 per month!

*Expired bundles are added to my Gumroad Pay to Use store along with other premade emote bundles

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