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This page contains a breakdown of my services and pricing, along with a commission request form.

Please ensure you read the TOS and complete the commission form at the bottom of the page with details of your request.

Alternatively you can contact me via email or on twitter if you have any questions

itshalfpint - twitch emotes - gaming star wars cute anime pokemon cartoon


  • £30 per emote, 3 emotes for £85

  • Each emote is delivered as .PNG files in the following resolutions: 28x28, 56x56, 112x112.

  • For use on Twitch/Discord only (also available to meet Youtube requirements)

  • Optional additional fee for commercial/merchandise use and high res emote (448x448) - please let me know if you require this when ordering.


  • +£30 to upgrade an emote to animated!

  • 112x112 GIF files suitable for Twitch and Discord + Static png version included

  • Also willing to animated existing emotes - price from £30 depending on complexity and images provided.​


  • £17 per unique design, £8.50 per recolour

    • Example 5 badge orders

      • 1 unique design plus 4 recolours: £51

      • 5 unique designs: £85

  • Each badge is delivered as .PNG files in the following resolutions: 18x18, 36x36, 72x72.

AbyssLeaperLogo Combo-WhiteBorder-Purple-WhiteText.png


  • Animated twitch/discord emotes (examples in Emote Portfolio - see above)

  • Animation for alerts, overlays, intermission screens, Youtube intros.

  • Animation can be added for any illustration/graphics options

  • Pricing is based on complexity of animation and amount of illustration required

  • Animation available for existing artwork, providing you have express permission from the original artist

  • Provided as .mov/.webm or animated .gif files


  • Vector Logo Design

    • From £200 (includes commercial rights​, .png files and .ai file)​

    • Non-vector 'logos' available upon request

  • Illustration/graphics for twitch screens, youtube thumbnails, profile pictures, avatars, banners, stream overlays, twitch panels etc.

    • Priced based on complexity

    • Personal use only - Additional commercial/merchandise license available for use on Merch

  • ​Illustration for Merchandise

    • From £120 (includes commercial rights)

    • Available as .png raster illustrations or vector designs

  • Character illustrations, fanart art, pet portraits and other personal commissions also available!​​​



  • Orders are queued in order of payment, and any timescales provided are estimates and subject to change

  • Initial sketches will be sent for approval for emotes and illustrations - once these are approved only minor revisions (colour changes, minor details) are permitted to the final artwork. Any large changes are subject to additional charges.

  • If you would like your order completing as a priority ahead of my standard queue, this can be purchased for an additional 50% charge - please include this when completing the commission request form below.

  • All payments to be made upfront via Paypal . Paypal Invoices will be sent via email following discussion and confirmation of your commission - Invoices will be sent in GBP but can be paid in any currency via Paypal. Payment for large value commissions (£200+) can be split upon request into 50% upfront and 50% on approval of sketches

  • All artwork (except Logo Design) is provided with a non-commercial licence as standard. A commercial licence may be purchased for an additional fee to allow use of artwork on for-profit merchandise - please let me know if this is required.

  • Order cancellations and refunds: In the event of an order cancellation before any work has been completed, 50% of the order price will be refunded. Cancellations after work has started will be subject to further reductions based on the amount of work completed. Refunds are not granted for completed work. 

  • Pricing is subject to change at my discretion - I will update the details on this page to reflect any pricing changes but for accurate quotes please complete a commission form with details of your request!

  • You may not use any of my artwork for any NFT projects or use them for AI training or input in any way.



If you like my work and you'd like to commission me, please complete the form below,

Please include as much information as possible about your request, including details of the desired style, URLs for any relevant reference images, and details of how you intend to use the artwork.

Also please feel free to include any questions you have!

Please ensure you have read the terms of service above. Provided email addresses will be used to discuss commissions and provide updates on availability and new products/offers.

Once received I will respond to your email to confirm details of the commission and pricing.

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